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he year 2015 has been a successful one for the royal family. The celebrations when the Queen became the longest-reigning British monarch were low key – as she wanted – but jubilant nevertheless. Prince Philip aged 94 has remained in remarkably good health and the newest addition to the family, in the cuddly form of Princess Charlotte of Wales, is now seven months old.

   Prince George continues to delight us with his antics, while his cousin, little Mia Tindall, is the youngest member of the family to keep up the equestrian tradition of sitting confidently on a pony, even though she may not be in control yet. The Queen is still seen riding around the Home Park at Windsor, which at the age of 89 is quite remarkable.

   Prince Harry has made the difficult transition from army to civilian life and continues his sterling work by championing injured members of the Armed Forces through his various charity outlets. His meeting with President Obama at the White House in October cemented his ties with the United States and next year his Invictus Games will be held in Orlando, Florida.

   Africa has been the continent of choice for the charismatic Prince and he finishes his year with a trip to South Africa and Lesotho, coverage of which will appear in our January issue. Prince William, at the same time as working on his day job as an air ambulance pilot, has been giving some major speeches on the subject of conservation and the protection of endangered species.

   The Prince of Wales, meanwhile, has been quietly putting in more working hours than any other member of his family. Now the Queen is in her 90th year some of her workload is being diverted to him, despite her reluctance to take it a bit easier. She still has an active social life and attended the 80th birthday celebrations for her cousin Eddie, the Duke of Kent, in Kensington, along with King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie of the Hellenes, the Duke’s children and grandchildren and his sister Princess Alexandra, who celebrates her 79th birthday on 25 December.

   Funerals and memorial services can be difficult for the family to attend but they always send a representative when appropriate. At the recent memorial service for the ‘voice of racing’, legendary commentator Peter O’Sullevan, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were represented by the Master of the Horse, and the Princess Royal by Brigadier Andrew Parker Bowles. O’Sullevan was a friend of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother and used to dine regularly with her and the Queen at Windsor, keeping them highly amused with witty and risqué anecdotes. This month we are fortunate to have not only an article written by Princess Michael of Kent about her latest book, Quicksilver, but also a review of it by Julian Fellowes, creator of the globally popular Downton Abbey.

   On behalf of everyone at Majesty I should like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

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